Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mo money, Mo problems??

Biggie famously stated "the mo money you have, the mo problems you get", but I beg to differ. Granted, Biggie is now 6ft under, but still, he was rolling in a pimped out SUV on his untimely exit; if I were to go today, I would leave a cheap Hyundai and a stack of bills, that seems very problematic to me. Contrary to that famous statement, I have no money and it would seem that I have mo problems because of it. Due to my lack of fiscal stability (read:no cash) I haven't paid a bill in 2 months, cue the "oh my gods", and I haven't had a paycheck in 1 month (the horror!) I have bills coming out of my proverbial ass, and to be frank, I wish they really were coming out of my ass, because then I could claim some crazy illness of bills coming out of my ass and collect some sort of disability. But, sadly, my only disability is my inability to manage myself financially. It doesn't help that I seem to have a bit of a job change issue; but, despite having very little to no money, I continue to eat out, go for drinks and shop. But, if I had "mo money", like the big man upstairs and I don't mean god, I would have less problems, correction, no problems. People with money just seem happier; they say that finances are the number one reason marriages struggle, that, again, seems very problematic to me. And the saying "money can't buy happiness" was coined by the broke guy trying to make himself feel better. To be fair, I do have a job, which I love and money is coming to me and not in "the secret" kind of way, it is actually coming. Honestly, I love money, it makes the world go round and while some people do some terrible things in the quest for it, a well balanced and genuinely happy woman such as myself could use a couple extra bucks, it would alleviate some (all) of my problems. Long story short, Biggie was wrong; "no money, means mo problems".

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