Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Omission of information

My mom has always told me to watch my mouth, and today I know exactly what she means. My uncensored candor, with which I approach this blog, has come back to bite me in the ass. This is nothing new to me, as I have always said what I wanted no matter the recourse; but, as I get older, the repercussions of my actions have quite a bit more effect than times of old.

I have created a forum for myself where I can be completely honest; however, as honest as I am here, with some people I have not been quite as open. Which is my fault and my choice, but today I was forced to own up to this omission of information. All day I was racked with guilt, as my words or lack thereof, have caused someone to feel as though I was dishonest with them. I hate the feeling of being lied to, it hurts and to know that my actions hurt someone is hard to bear. It is debatable whether leaving information out, is as bad as lying; regardless, I feel like an asshole and there is no debating that.

Long story short, this blog isn't as anonymous as I thought it was; so I had better watch what I say.

Today’s post is going to be brief, as I think I have said enough.