Monday, December 7, 2009


The recent dump of snow on this city is a reminder that it is almost that time of year. No, not Christmas, New Years. I, like many others, make New Year’s resolutions every year. This year I started my fitness resolution early but that's as far as I have taken it. Personally I hate the word resolution, it conjures up images of unused gym memberships of years gone by; so this year I am calling them Intentions.

It is no secret that this past year, has been a trying one for me; many changes to my family, my job and my friendships have made for a year full of growing pains. Because or despite all those things, I am determined to make 2010 “THE YEAR”.

A few years ago, I, along with millions upon millions of people, read "The Secret" and in that book, the author details the need to put things out into the universe, thus driving it to work for me and my goals, in a positive way. So today I am doing just that. This is a candid confession of what I want for myself.

Here goes:

1) I want to be a writer, a paid writer. I want to write for the Edmonton City Palate, the Calgary City Palate, Avenue Magazine and pretty much anyone who will have me. I am willing to whore my writing out to anyone who wants it. I have a vision of a column that details my adventures discovering different food scenes and my culinary life, as a new graduate, young caterer and regular bonne vivante.

2) I want my blogs to be read by many. I want my food blog "What's For Dinner" to be a part of the Martha's Circle Group, which is a group of beautiful blogs devoted to lifestyle. I love Martha Stewart, she is a lifestyle genius and to be a part of that exclusive group of bloggers, which I hold in very high regard, would be an honor.

3) I want my blogs to turn a profit, through advertising of course. I am not after anything major, just a little stipend to supplement my income. I write these blogs for the love of it, but a little coin would be nice.

4) I want to write a book, one with pretty pictures and delicious recipes, that people will keep on their shelves as a trusted kitchen companion. This, most certainly, is a lofty aspiration, considering I just began this journey of writing, but 'The Secret" says that I have to put it out there, so that cat is out the bag.

5) I want my catering business to triple its size, to a point where I can make my living off of it. I want Christopher and I's company to be considered one of the premier catering companies in Edmonton. On my own, I feel I probably could not achieve this, but I can honestly say, with my best friend and confidant by my side, I feel anything is possible. And with the universe's help, Martha had better watch out!

6) Love, Love, Love. I have been decidedly single for the last year and half; no one has really caught my eye and quite frankly, these eyes weren't looking. But 2010, is the year of my quarter century anniversary, and I think it's high time I share this adventure I call life, with someone else. I'm a hoot; it would be unfair to deprive someone of me any longer. (Humility is my resolution for 2011)

Universe, work your magic!

**you will notice I make no mention of exercise, I think I have that under control; besides, every year I make that type of resolution, I am trying to get away from redundancy.


  1. What a nice, TALL order. Which is a great thing, bc it means you got some serious growth to look forward to. I can't rem if I asked you this before, but have you looked into writing classes?

  2. Definetly a very tall order, giant if you will. I had planned to take writing classes in the fall, then I quit my job, then I got fired, then I got this new job; all these changes left me broke, not to mention catering is a money pit in the beginning.
    But classes are most certainly on my radar for next year...