Sunday, November 22, 2009

I ran

I recently accepted the fact that I am growing up; and, I figured since I am getting serious about my life, I should get serious about my health. I am well on my way, I've already made changes to my diet; and today I ran. I also ran a few days ago; but, I didn't want to say anything until I was sure that I was going to do it again. Today I did. It was hell. Last week’s run was full of hills, 3 to be exact; and, today's run was long, miles long. I cursed many times, but I finished. I'm told that I should feel a "runners high", which must be a euphemism for sick, because I could barely keep my dinner down. I personally don't push myself that hard, but I have been running with my best friend Chris, who is a man machine; he has recently lost tons of weight and knows what it takes to get results, which why I enlisted his help. To give you an idea of his machine-ness, he runs to my house, we run and then he runs home. I mean, wow. He is the perfect person to kick my ass and he is. Despite wanting to cry and quit halfway through, once I get home, sit and get bearings back, I feel great, accomplished even. So even though I want to cry, puke and quit, I think I'm going to run again. And then probably again after that.

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