Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Realness. Revisited.

To say that this past weekend was unreal, would be a gross understatement. It has been about 2 and a half weeks since I decided it was time to grow the f*@k up. But this past weekend the old Bianca came out to play. My friends and I had planned to go to Vancouver to see our dj idol, Boys Noize, play a show. The trip was months in the making, but due to recent events my trip was up in the air. But against my better judgement, I decided to go anyways, brokes or not. I commited to myself to do it on the cheap and it was off to a great start; I made a trail mix to quell my hunger and lower my food requirements (good for the waistline and the pocketbook!), I took public transit from the airport and the hotel was down the street from the bar. The perfect recipe for a cost conscious trip. Upon my arrival, we went for lunch, but I kept it real and had soup and water. Confidence was high! Then the vintage shopping happened and sadly I succumbed to weakness' of the flesh. If there is one thing that I cannot control, it is my love of vintage shopping; and, that folks is where the shit hit the fan. $60 later (I know, I know), I had to get out of there, but the damage had been done. From that point, the realness was out the door and old Bianca was back and she was wreaking havoc. We went to dinner, bought copious amounts of booze and god knows what else. My plan was to come home with some extra cash, as that would be the responsible (real) thing to do. After the Vitamin Water at the airport, the total that I returned with was a whopping...wait for it...$3.68. $3.68!!!!! WTF. So I am back to square one, or rather square 3.68. I feel it necessary to reiterate, that I have a major spending problem, I love to do it and apparently no matter how hard I plan to stay on track, I cannot. The icing on this unreal cake is, I had to borrow $30 from my mom to get me to my next payday. I am a prize piece.

The sad thing is that I don't regret the trip at all. That perhaps is the most problematic part of this whole thing.

Give me a few more days of reality and I am sure the remorse will set in...

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