Saturday, November 28, 2009

Slippery Slope

It would seem that I am a fair-weather vegetarian. After a few slipups and resolutions to keep myself in line, I had meat on Thursday and I felt as though I was beginning a slow slide down a slippery slope. The Thursday in question, my friend Corin offered to make me salad and I, never one to turn down a free meal, agreed; but, when I got there, the salad had chicken in it. Not just any run of the mill chicken, it was moist and delicious and I had a(nother) weak moment, and I ate the damn salad. It was harmless enough, I thought, but then today I woke up hung over, a Saturday ritual, and all I wanted was a steak or wings or bacon, anything meaty would have done just fine. So to appease my hunger and prevent another slip, I ate everything in sight, other than meat; and, nothing. All day I felt hungry. I had a huge salad, a plate of pasta and several snacks and I was STILL hungry; ravenous by the time dinner rolled around.

My grandmother was having the family over for dinner this evening, and she graciously accommodated my new lifestyle choice and made me fish; but, she also had wings and potato skins with bacon, like what the f*#k. So needless to say, I slipped. I didn't just slip, I ate, what felt like, a million wings, 3 potato skins and my pride. Once I started I could not stop.

I mean, I, typically, don't work out on weekends, because I am usually hung over and I think having the expectation of myself and then not following through, only makes for disappointments; so perhaps I should take that approach with eating meat; because it would seem that being hung over, renders my resolve to not eat meat, absolutely useless. So maybe my new approach should be, no meat in the week and whatever happens on the weekend is out of my hands. Yes! I like the way that sounds.

I was telling my friend Corin, the chicken salad girl, that I had slipped again and I was lamenting that I was a lackadaisical vegetarian, to which she replied "those are the best kind!"
I like the way she thinks.

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