Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So I quit that really great cooking job and got a really great reception job. They type of job that offered me the freedom to read and write, lots of computer time and all the holidays one could ask for, it was exactly what I wanted! It went really well, all last week, while I was training, then today...I got fired. They said I wasn't a good fit and they needed someone "more proactive". She was really nice about it , but "FUCK!!!" I got bills and now I gots no job. I suppose this is karma, because I quit that really great cooking job like a jerk and now it's back to bite me in the ass. This is the 4th job I have had this summer and I really thought that this one was gonna stick. I have maintained relatively optimistic that my job situation was going to improve and just as I thought it was finally getting there, the proverbial rug has been ripped from right under me. I'm that person whose ship comes in, but I misplace my ticket and get left on the shore. For the first time in a long time, I am really really scared of what is to come. I own a catering company with my best friend, but it's new and we certainly aren't making enough money to do it full time and not get behind on lifes unavoidable...bills. At this very moment, as I have JUST been fired, I have no solutions running through my mind, all that is there right now is FML, FML, FML.

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