Monday, February 22, 2010


Life happens fast doesn’t it? I was talking to a friend and he says “everyone is so focused on growing up, but it’s all happening a little too fast”; and I couldn’t agree more.

I too can be blamed for trying to expedite this milieu that dominates my life, this limbo; but, I mean, I am only 24. 24 is on the front end of the “mid twenties”, I still have at least 2 years of questionable behavior in me.

Being the tender age of 24 years, allows me to get completely hammered on Friday, only to wake up Saturday and woo on the radio, damaged beyond belief; a 24 year old shell bounces back remarkably fast.

I love 24.

At 24, I can quit jobs, and follow my dreams with little (moderate) consequence; the phrase “you only live once” comes to mind. These are the days for foolish, shake my head in bewilderment decisions; and you better fucking believe I am going to live it up. I am really great at bad decisions and thankfully I am still of a certain age to make them.

Thank god for 24.


  1. I say you can still "grow up" and be responsible, but have fun too. Life is about balance.

  2. Very true...balance is a skill I am working on building.