Friday, February 5, 2010

Drunk Text

I have no idea what to write. Writing every day is proving to be very tough, sometimes the ideas run dry. I have found myself trying to drum up excitement, just so I have something to write about here. In reality I use this canvas as a place to talk about my feelings, but some days I am numb; operating on auto pilot and going through the day in a haze. The other day’s life hands me golden material.

The last few days I have been rather dreary and not humorous in the slightest. I tend to be very good at putting on a good show and making it appear as though everything is all good; but that’s the auto pilot at work.

I read some blogs out there and they are filled with sickeningly sweet optimism; “I am blessed” “life is tender” blah blah blah; life isn’t fucking like that. I have a hard time believing that people can always be that “optimistic”. Life can be so shitty and when it gets shitty, I don’t sit there and say “well, I am so blessed, sitting in awe” or whatever the fuck those people say; instead I cuss and kick the air like a 2 year old at chucky cheese because that is reality. In the last 6 months, on more occasions than I can count on two hands, I have cussed and kicked the air, screaming profanity at the imaginary manifestation of my distress. Am I a shitty blogger because I don’t look at life through those annoying rose colored glasses?

I have had to delete a few bloggers, who shall forever remain nameless, from my twitter account, as I couldn’t handle the, all too frequent, annoying and naively optimistic tweets; they were water logging my home page with bullshit. I mean, don’t tweet that you have a headache and cookies will fix it. Cookies won’t fix shit, taking an aspiring and telling your kids to shut the fuck up will fix it; but I can’t tweet that, I am new to blog community, so I have to play nice.

Keep in mind that I am low on material and I am being nitpicky but there is some shit that frustrates me beyond belief, like that rose colored glasses shit; especially when my mood is less than sunny. I think it's just fine to accept that sometimes life is just shitty and it’s rather endearing to be honest about it; instead of being sickeningly sweet and offensively optimistic. Like who really believes that bullshit anyways?

***This is the writers’ equivalent of a drunken text. I am posting this because I am either still drunk and eschewed the editing process or I read this over in the morning and thought the realness I felt while writing merited some publicity.


  1. Cookies go a LONG way for this guy, LOL. KO actually packed me some freshies today to help soak up my tears from that brutal so-called presentation I just delivered... FML!

  2. I'm sure you did great! I could bake you some bread, to go along with those cookies!



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