Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

heart shaped pizza
I personally feel that Valentine’s Day is one of the most ridiculous celebratory occasions; and not because I am single. It’s one of those “holidays” that the restaurants and card companies can’t wait to see come around. Stores become inundated with red hearts full of cheap chocolate and flower shops jack up their prices. This crimson observation is nothing more than money grab, a way to re energize the post holiday slump; they should call it Hallmark day.

All week my television was logged with Valentine’s Day propaganda, from Oprah to the women on the View; featuring ridiculous gifts to woo your loved one, like a lovers DNA kit; the only people who need those are those bitches on Maury. I know what would woo me, sex where I get to finish first, now that’s a Valentine’s Day!

God forbid singles want to go to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day; being a non coupled person in the room, is likened to being a leper; people stare with pity painted all over their faces. Not to mention the pressure that Valentine’s Day brings; the rules are often so blurred and undefined. If you start dating in January are you expected to go all out for Valentine’s Day? Or if you have been dating for years does it even matter anymore? In my opinion if there is a lapse in romance until February 14th then the relationship might need some review.

I can get behind the idea of Santa; a guy in a big red suit delivering gifts all across the land is not terribly believable, but during the holiday season I am known to get behind many a stupid farce; blame it on the eggnog. But cupid does NOT exist, a flying baby that strikes love with an arrow? Quite frankly if I saw a baby with a bow and arrow, I would call child services on the spot; what parent gives their baby a bow and arrow? And if the little fucker managed to get an arrow off into my ass, the last thing I would feel is love. Maybe I am jaded because it’s February and I don’t have a valentines or because my valentines days of past have consisted of no gift and no sex; or, even worse, shitty sex on belly full of shit wine and overpriced food; all of which makes for an unhappy Bianca.

This year I made myself a lovely valentine’s dessert and bought myself a card; and I planned on putting one finger in the air, all the while saying “take that cupid, you creepy flying baby”.

But then I spent the evening with my best girlfriend S.; we ate heart shaped pizza, listened to music, laughed, watched "Couples Retreat" and drank wine until we were good and jovial; and something happened.

I felt love.

And it dawned on me, in the non cheesiest way possible, that Valentine’s Day isn’t for lovers; it’s for love. Love in any way, shape or form; from man to woman or friend to friend. I had been so focused on the commercialization of this day, that I had forgotten that love is all around; and this is the day dedicated fully and completely to it. And through all the commercial bullshit, love reigns and LOVE IS BEAUTIFUL; and that is what Valentine’s Day is meant to represent.

Happy belated love day!

No… that wasn’t cheesy at all.