Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quest for Cash~part deux

We have determined that I am prepared to pretend that I am a lesbian for $100 dollars; but people, it gets better.

This tale is another story of my former self’s means to financial end.

After 2 days, my LGBT honorarium was spent and I, again, needed quick cash. My former roommates girlfriend was telling me about a money making scheme someone in her class was doing; selling her underwear online. Now, I don’t wear underwear, I feel that women don’t need it, our “junk” is tucked away neatly; but if I can make money selling them online, I am sold.

I immediately devised a plan to create an underwear selling empire. I would create 3 “flavors”; hot, medium and mild, based on my love for chicken wings. And every pair of underwear came with a note; because I like to treat my peoples right.

Hot consisted of a pair of sexy underwear worn LOTS; we’re talking dirty panties. I wore them exercising, to sleep, everywhere. And the note was as XXX as I could muster; Hustler magazine style dirty. The retail price for this lovely package was $350 plus shipping and handling.

Medium was a semi-sensible pair, worn lightly; around the house, sleeping, you get the idea. The note would be considered NC-17, not R but not PG either; simply middle of the road, for those dabbling in the dirty underwear market. The retail price was $200 plus shipping and handling.

Mild was a pair of frilly lace panties, worn very lightly, maybe for an hour, just to get the scent. The letter was very coy, lots of “daddy” and “papa”, for the real sickos. I created this one to round out the “flavors”; in my opinion it was the dud of the 3. The retail price was $150 plus shipping and handling.

Truth be told, I thought the hot would sell like , for lack of a better word, hot cakes; but I only sold 1; I may have priced myself out of the XXX panty market. In any case $350 bucks for a dirty note and $2 dollar Zellers underwear, I’ll take it! I sold 2 mediums and again it was all net. And to my great surprise I sold 3 milds, all sent to Asia; apparently my panties are a sensation in the Orient.

I toyed with the idea of adding a photo of the underwear being worn, no face, just panty; but I decided that would be too much.

Why ever did you stop Bianca? You ask. Well, as easy as it is to wear underwear and pen a generic note; the logistics of sending a package to Asia and organize payment was a little more work than initially anticipated; so in true Bianca fashion, I quit.

Lately, however, I have been thinking it might be a great idea to start this enterprise again.

****Side note, this post is profanity free, SHOCKING.


  1. You're Kidding right??? Right??

  2. :| lol!

  3. Sadly Cathi I am not kidding...I got the idea from Daniella.

  4. I think that's a brilliant idea. We should SO do it.

  5. I think I might start this baby up all over again...I got shit loads of ginch for Christmas.