Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Truth be told, I have no idea what is going on with me, but I cannot seem to find any words to express how I feel. Every time I sit down to write something, I manage to come up with a clever title but as I start to write the body, I can’t. My brain is blank; I literally look up at ceiling, as if there are words painted up there or something. I was blaming the post weekend blahs, but it’s Wednesday and I am still experience a pseudo writer’s block. My mojo is waning and for what reason? I have no idea.

So in the name of preserving my image and to spare you anymore half assed posts; I am taking a break. Not a long one, just a day, to get my bearings back. I am taking today to get elbow deep into my new Photoshop book and cook something elaborate, in an effort to focus on something else other than why I cannot seem to write something inspired; or at the very least hilarious. Funny is what I do and I am having a hard time even managing that.

Hopefully tomorrow I will feel like there is something inside me that is worth sharing. But the way I feel, Friday appears to be a more realistic goal.

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