Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Free Day

Every time I have woken up and uttered to myself “I have nothing to write about today”, something really crazy ends up going down. Either the cops are looking for me or I am pissing red. Today I woke up and said nothing of the sort.

Truth be told I was woken up by the tenants above me UFC fighting or something of that nature; whatever it was, it was loud. I wouldn’t call them repeat offenders but in the last week or so, they have been rowdy. I have wondered on a number of occasions, whether someone was getting abused up there. Lord knows I hope that isn’t the case, but it was loud.
This morning since I had nothing to write, I had time tolie there and dream of all the ways, I would go up there and make them wish they had never made a peep and woken me from my slumber. I’m like a bear, hibernation is when I sleep; nobody wants to wake a bear out of its hibernation…they get pissed. So this morning like a crazy woman, ornery and aged 85, I took the broom and began slamming it in the direction of the roof. My hair being the catchall that it tends to be caught all the lovely bits from the popcorn ceiling; which Americans seem to hate, judging by House Hunters, but its essential the name of the game in Canada. I haven’t been to a house without it. Anyways I digress; I had tons of shit in my hair.

Alas my bark is generally bigger than my bite and that’s as far as the dispute went. I needed to get up anyways.

So as you can see nothing to write about today.


  1. UGH, It's the worst when you're sitting there, pretending like you're not bothered by the noise. Just trying to relax while telling yourself that you're SO not going to let it get to you... and then 2 impatient seconds later, you're THAT neighbour who's standing on your bed slamming the ceiling with a broom. LOL

  2. After my "episode", I look in the bathroom mirror and was frightened by the reflection; I was a spinster...



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