Friday, January 8, 2010

The Weekend

Today I have nothing to write about; and, I must say, it’s kind of nice. The last few days have been rather eventful. With tallying up how much I owe the city of Edmonton, who I am sure is singlehandedly funding the development of the city through my renegade parking; to my little scare with the police. Needless to say, today I am very happy to report, well, nothing.

I know I am only a week into this whole, write everyday thing, but I am feeling great about it. My daily life has made writing everyday rather easy; never a dull moment. I feel like this challenge is keeping me present in my daily life too; I notice the minutia of life and take note. Some of this minutia, is absolutely hilarious and some is frustrating but nonetheless, it is my life and I am stopping to smell the roses and, in some cases, they smell like shit; but, that’s life.

As with 90% of the world that vows to “do it”, whatever “it” happens to be, in the New Year, I am fully aware that the urge to quit will certainly present itself. I am no fool; and, I’m ready for it. Because not only have I made these intentions known to myself, but also to anyone who stumbles upon this humble sounding board. If I fail, I’ll look like a moron and a flake, and I am no flake (Marilyn).

My first obstacle is about to rear its ugly head, the obstacle also known as “The Weekend”. In the past the weekend has derailed my attempts at weekend yoga, weekend diets, hell, even weekend thinking; and today is Friday. I have to dj tonight and tomorrow night, and as much as I love to do it, my weekend antics (read: drinking to excess) renders my resolve to “do” useless from Saturday morning to Sunday night. So although I promise posts this weekend, don’t be surprised if you are scratching your head wondering “what the fuck is this girl talking about” or if there is just one, very long run on sentence; punctuation and grammar are not for the faint of heart or the hung over. But, I will do my best to keep it focused and legible.

Wow, for having nothing to say, I managed to say quite a lot.

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