Thursday, January 7, 2010


Have I got a story for you, a true story so indicative of how unpredictable, if not humorous, my life can be.

So, yesterday, I am out and about carrying out my daily duties, getting coffee, dropping magazine off to potential clients, meeting with Christopher etc. And I look at my phone and there is a BBM message from my step father. Now, when there is a message from stepfather it’s usually a simple request of whether I can let the dogs out at lunch; lightweight fare at best. But, yesterday’s message read “The police are looking for you, call me”. I froze for about 5 minutes racking my brain as to why they could possibly be looking for me and thinking where I could run and how much money I had to survive on the lam. After 2 minutes of wordlessness, I utter to myself, “oh my god, the tickets, I am going to jail”.

I call my stepdad and the conversation goes:

Me: “Dean, I’m going to be honest with you, I have tickets, lots of them; but, I am planning to pay them very soon”.
Step Pops: “easy B, I don’t know what this is about, but they have to serve you some papers”.
Me: “can they lie to lure you down there and then arrest you?”
Step Pops: “well I wouldn’t go down there, because they can book you and put you in jail on the spot. So I would get them to come to your house so it is on your terms. The most I could see you spending in jail is one or two days.”


He tells me he will call the lady back and see what he can find out.

Turns out (thank fucking god), I was a witness to an accident, god knows when, and I have been subpoenaed to court to testify. Thing is I have no idea when this was; which makes me feel like I still could potentially be getting set up. If it is in fact the truth, I have no idea what I am going to say. Whose side am I on? Do I get some sort of compensation?

My step father agreed to go down and pick up the documents for me, to relieve my stress and if need be, give me a head start on the police; but, alas they wouldn’t release the documents to him, they have some sort of strict rule where only the person subpoenaed can receive the documents; dicks. So today I am headed to 5-0 HQ, to get all the information and necessary documents, so I can study what the hell went on. But, to be honest I am quite nervous about going to the police station, because, well, the tickets.

I really hope that they settle this mess, whatever this mess happens to be, before the court date. Any type of law enforcement edifice makes me very nervous.

Note: I would have posted a picture of the documents, but I think that may be illegal; and, I am already on thin ice.


  1. they're picking on you because you're black!!

  2. B. I can't tell you how much this made me laugh- I had to share it with my roomie. I MUST know how this all turns out!



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