Monday, January 11, 2010


This weekend was a very fun, yet extremely draining series of days. As promised I was useless from Saturday to Sunday night. I managed to sleep away the day on Saturday, only to wake up, ready myself and repeat the party process all over again. The weather all weekend was absolutely beautiful; we’re talking plus 5, minus 1, kind of beautiful, but I wouldn’t have known, as I was sleeping till 2 and reacquainting myself with the living room sofa. Last night, however, I went to Christopher’s to do a little bit of work and a lot of television watching.

Now I have had my parking problems at Chris’ place, but yesterday the perfect spot was available; right out front of the entrance. Due to the recent heat wave, the melting snow was little worrisome, but I like to think that I can handle anything the roads and the weather throw at me…alone with my trusty hatchback.

As midnight was striking I knew it was time to leave; and, the fact that I could barely keep my eyes open was also a dead giveaway. So as I am leaving Chris’ building, I walk by 2 rather unsavory ladies, hags if you will. Now I only describe them as hags, because they fit the bill; haggard, smelling of alcohol and a “rode hard and put away wet” sort of appearance. As I get into my car and begin to try and get out of the spot, I knew that I had a problem.

After about 5 minutes of futile attempts to get my car unstuck, nothing. I call Chris and get him to come down and try to push me out. Things weren’t going that well when he was pushing either. So as if on some sort of hag radar, the 2 (rather nice, yet) haggard ladies come rushing over to help Chris. They are also having some problems, the problem being, I’m still fucking stuck. A luxury sedan drives past and they pull over and get out to help. At this point I can’t help but laugh, here I am on a Sunday night, my brain is killing me from a weekend abuse and I am rocking my ass off, while 2 possible prostitutes, my gay best friend and an Ed hardy wearing, luxury sedan driving man and his woman , attempt to get me unstuck. Finally the woman yells to me “turn you wheels straight hun”, despite the fact that they have no clue how dress themselves RE: Ed Hardy, they were rather adept at getting my car unstuck; because, the wheel turn was the magic touch and I was out in a flash. We all rejoiced in the street; our Haggard friend cheers’ their booze filled ginger ale bottles, Ed Hardy and his lady gave a “woohoo” and Chris and I looked at each other like “we definitely have to talk about this tomorrow, wink”, and I went on my way.

This Sunday scene, although is a very amusing story, is also a metaphor for life; when you get stuck, sometimes you need help from others to help get moving; no matter what appearances might seem, their help could be exactly what is needeed. I know that seems a little cheesy but I am looking for meaning in everything these days.

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