Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hematuria- Blood in urine

I have always been fairly laid back about my health, I know that I am young and time is still on my side. My partying lately, however, has made me wonder “what the hell am I doing to my insides”. Regardless I still do party, but I am slowly changing my ways- see here.

Despite my newfound attempts to love my body, inside and out, I saw red in my urine yesterday evening; I thought to myself “its fine, it’ll go away” and I moved on. This morning, however, it was still there. Now I will tell you, for months, years even, I’ve woken up with a side ache, that goes away after a stretch and some eats, so I have never worried (too much). But, today, there was a side ache AND red urine. Cue the panic.

I texted my mother “there is blood in my pee…I should book a docs appt ASAP right? She frighteningly repliesCall Dr. Stockburger right away and GET IN THERE”…yes in cap locks. I called my doctor and they are STILL off for the holiday season; I mean, come on, it’s January 19th.

I began to freak out, tears welling up, THE WORKS. So many things were running through my head, I started to feel nostalgic for the future I was about to miss, because I was dying of cancer. It was ludicrous. So my mother comes to her senses and sends me another text “call the health link before you go to emergency”. Wise words.

I spoke to a lovely nurse on the phone, whose ability to calm my nerves trumps her medical expertise; we went through a list of questions, as long as the entrance exam to Harvard. This is the cliff notes version:

Are you in severe pain? No
Any trauma to your insides? Say WHAT??
Have you been kicked or punched in the stomach or back? Nothing that I didn’t like!…she didn’t laugh
Exercising to the point of exhaustion? Well, funny you ask! I did bike 25 miles yesterday in Spin class
What have you eaten in the past 24 hours? Hmmm, I did ingest a dinner sized plate of beets last night after my 25 miles.

BINGO, she stops me right there. Apparently a young woman, of 24, in great health and in no pain whatsoever, isn’t dying of a cancer, which has reared its ugly head in the form of crimson pee. No, it’s my gluttony which has manifested itself in a dinner sized plate of beets. Beets are known to cause red pee, and the color should subside within the day, she says; but if it doesn’t, then there could be cause for concern.

I am still going to my doctor, just because. I might talk to them about a therapist referral; as I think I might have developed hypochondriac tendencies.


  1. lol, i've done that!! beets are too tasty!

  2. They are way too tasty, so i will never give them up

  3. Ok anonymous, you would have done the same thing too...



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