Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Wine. OH, I love wine so much. So much so, that I had 4 glasses the other night. My best friend and business partner Christopher had this delicious white wine and although I typically dislike white wine, I, personally, find it a little too crisp for my liking; this wine was smooth and light, with just enough quench. I couldn’t just have 1 glass; and, I didn’t.

So yesterday, I kept it real; I enjoyed some homemade stew, had a deliciously healthy salad and went to a spinning class. Yes, me, in a spinning class. I spun my way to hell and hopefully a tighter ass. I thought I was going to get rocked, like “I think I might puke, OMG here it comes”; but, I did really well. Don’t get me wrong, it was hard; halfway through I wanted to shove the instructors microphone up her ass, but I finished. And in all honesty, today my legs feel like I was just in a street fight, my arms are inexplicably sore and my inner thighs feel like I had a really hot night, sans the hot, just the pain; but, all in all, I feel good, considering I haven’t been to a gym in 8 months. Albeit last year, I ran; but, upon further review I don’t think I will run again, the feeling like death thing grew less and less attractive. Other than that, the occurrence of exercise has been rather infrequent. I was going to the gym a lot while I was still in school, for fear of gaining the culinary 30 (the freshman 15 doubles when you eat butter every single day) but then summer happened; and we all know that summer means party. But, I suppose in my life, so does fall and winter.

So after my triumphant return to the active world, I have decided that I am going to go back, today in fact. I really liked it; and, I didn’t leave with a headache or crying. I am confident that after a few months of this, my ass is going to be rock hard and ready to tap!

So ultimately spinning is a winner.

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